The Concept of SAAS and PAAS

It is unambiguously true that in the era of cloud computing, there has been a great shift from the use of traditional application model for the efficient utilization of SAAS and PAAS, as provided by Salesforce. There is a need to mention that in the contemporary era of infinite business opportunities via e-commerce facilities, the process of creating and running the apps have been transformed from the cumbersome procedure of installation, maintenance, security, and upgrading. Now the whole process has been simplified into the concept of SAAS and PAAS, which provides maximum operational efficiency to your business operations. In fact, there is a need to mention that Salesforce makes sure that all its clients get the optimum benefit of SAAS and PAAS to derive maximum operational excellence.

The Concept of SAAS and PAAS

It is a fact that the new model of cloud app is more productive as it deprives the requirement of engaging in the process of having the hardware, an operating system, a middleware, a database, other software and a web server to get an app. Now, the Salesforce cloud computing provides easier and faster means to its customers, to build and run the apps with amazing accuracy and speed to improve the operational excellence of your business operations. So, let’s take a look at The Concept of SAAS and PAAS and its effectiveness for your business.

 Meaning of SAAS

It’s primarily significant to understand the meaning of term SAAS and its relevance in cloud computing. The term SAAS stands for software as a service, or popularly known as Web based software, on- demand software or hosted software, is actually the way of providing the applications as the service through the internet. The SAAS applications run on the SAAS provider’s server and needs no intricate process of installation, maintenance, upgrading of applications, as there is the requirement of the internet connection to have an access to these SAAS applications. It is, in fact, the SAAS web provider’s responsibility to have the access to the applications, which incorporates the process of availability, maintenance, security and upgrading of applications.

Development of SAAS

It is the vendor’s responsibility to get through the cumbersome process of developing SAAS for its clients and it’s important to understand that all the clients share the same code base and infrastructure. This provides an opportunity for the vendors to make adequate changes in the code base without wasting precious time in maintaining the different versions of outdated codes. The SAAS applications are user-friendly and can be updated more easily by the vendor as per the requirement of each client without compromising the security of clients along with taking care of adoption costs. There is also the provision of having better access to the data from any device having an internet connection, along with taking care of the fact that each client gets to see the same information at the same time and that too while maintaining privileges.

Meaning of PAAS

The concept of creating an app and to run it smoothly on your system has got a holistic transformation with the advent of the concept of PAAS. The term PAAS stands for Platform as a service, which implies that you can run an application without bothering about the complexities of maintaining the entire hardware and software installations and upgrading and handling the security issues. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that the traditional model of application building and development has been replaced by the efficient and reliable system of PAAS, which comes with the trust factor of Salesforce, as it is employed by business enterprises of all sizes to scale their growth and enhance their operational efficiency.

Development of PAAS

Yes, it’s true that PAAS provides the cost effective platform to develop and run the apps over the internet, which implies that the users can easily access the custom build apps in the cloud, like the Salesforce app, that is user friendly and easily assessable. With the utilization of PAAS, the developers need not to worry about the complexities of the process of installation, maintenance, security and upgrading of apps. In fact, the developers can now focus more on getting the expertise of the apps for achieving better operational efficiency and improving the overall performance.


Therefore, it can be stated that The Concept of SAAS and PAAS occupies the key relevance in enhancing the operational efficiency of every business enterprise and enable it to scale new heights with enhanced productivity.